About Us

Creating custom work for over 10 years!

Since 2005 Marshall’s Custom Cabinetry & Manufacturing serves the Ancaster and Hamilton areas with stunning quality designs.

Accenting your home with unique, one-of-a-kind cabinets and fixtures can create a polished focal point for your living space. Custom designs provide your home with an outlet to communicate your personality, interests and lifestyle. Add a touch of your personal taste with something that speaks to you.

Make your ideas a reality
The key motive of Marshall’s Custom Cabinetry is that we can turn your ideas into a reality. No matter the colour, size, design, or material, we can create something unique and one of a kind for your living space. Our creations are sure to spark a compliment from your guests.

On-site design & manufacturing

To give you an accurate idea of what your space will look like, we perform space planning using 3D design. This not only allows you to get a good sense of how your home will look upon completion, but it allows us to install more accurately.

Although we create custom work, we offer timely and efficient manufacturing and installation since most of our product is made on the premises. We do not have to send a request for the product to be shipped which saves time. The additional benefit of on-site manufacturing is that we ensure your product is made correctly every step of the way.

Design with green in mind

At Marshall’s Custom Cabinetry & Millwork, we are environmentally conscious and are industry leaders when it comes to conserving and using the best materials. That’s why we use eco-friendly/recyclable materials and finishing. Since we offer competitive pricing with everything we do, you can feel good about having an eco-friendly home.

Come visit our showroom and choose from a large selection of solid wood door styles & colors! Bring your ideas and drawings so you can get started on your project with us!